GSAPS Psychedelic Book Club – Today @ 2pm-4pm PST, 5pm-7pm EST

  • GSAPS Psychedelic Book Club – Today @ 2pm-4pm PST, 5pm-7pm EST

    Posted by James on June 16, 2022 at 12:23 pm

    Please join us at our GSAPS Psychedelic Book Club today at 2pm-4pm PST, 5pm-7pm EST.

    We’re reading “Places in the Mind” from TiHKAL by Alexander and Ann Shulgin (1997). We’ve chosen this text as it represents one of the hallmarks of contemporary psychedelic literature. Today, we’ll discuss methodologies outlined in the text for developing better experiences with psychedelics for therapeutic benefit, as well as any thoughts or questions you have for the group as well about the book or anything else! If you haven’t read the material yet, never fear! We tend to use the reading (and media, at times) as more of a springboard for more expansive conversations about the book, themes, thoughts, queries, etc.

    Please find attached a short list of quotes and directed reflection questions for today’s reading to help drive discussions and thought. Please also find the entire chapter of the reading under the document’s page.

    Next month, we’ll be reading excerpts form “Hey, Beatnik! This is the Farm Book.” By Stephen and the Farm (1974); where we’ll discuss the rare historical document as an original artifact of the American Psychedelic Counterculture. (Printed on Hemp and rarer yet!)

    We look forward to seeing you at the GSAPS Psychedelic Book Club!

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