The Convergence will be a two-day multidisciplinary event for graduate students and ‘graduate adjacent’ colleagues in the field of psychedelics!


An unConference in the most basic terms is a semi-structured, peer-led, emergent event where rather than bring in a small group of experts to share from a stage, everyone is encouraged to bring forward the discussions that they really care about. Essentially, we provide the framework, and the people who show up co-create the agenda. Last year’s event included everything from somatics in the psychedelic therapeutic process, to encounters with God, to making culturally sensitive and inclusive music choices in psychedelic therapy spaces, and more. This year we’re excited to adapt to a digital space with a broader constituency of grad students from across the country, while also adding new opportunities for up and coming researchers and creatives to showcase their work.

Research and Creative Presentation Day

Our Research and Creative Presentation Day will be open to both research and any creative work related to and/or inspired by psychedelics, including visual artwork, short films, poetry, and even potential dissertation topics for some collective brainstorming. This portion of The Convergence will be held in a “flash” forum session where each person takes the virtual stage for anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on their needs and interests. These sessions are intended to be casual and collaborative to ease some of the pressure of presenting at a conference while enlivening the experience in new and imaginative ways!

Event Registration

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The mission of GSAPS is to support collaboration among graduate students, recent graduate students, and post-doctoral residents who are engaged in psychedelic research and clinical practice. GSAPS is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.