Happy New Year!

Happy new year psychedelic grad student community!
We hope that you had a restorative holiday season and that your 2020 is off to a great start. In the spirit of closing the year (and decade) and beginning anew, we’ve been reflecting on where GSAPS has been in its first year of existence, and where we are headed.

To recap:
GSAPS officially began in January 2019 with its first meeting at Sage Integrative Health in Berkeley. The group continued to meet several times before putting on a speaker series in the Spring with scholars and innovators in the field of psychedelic science and healing – Dr. Stanley Krippner, UC Berkeley’s Dr. David PrestiDr. James Fadiman & filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman all joined us.

Summer 2019 we held our first Summer Group, a closed series of intimate living room discussions with 10 participants looking to connect more deeply with this community. The Fall led us into our inaugural unConference weekend at PLACE for Sustainable Living in Oakland, bringing together the broader group with peer-facilitated workshops, speakers, music, and dancing. We closed out the year with a holiday party at PLACE.

What’s in the works:
If you are reading this, then you see that we are currently in the process of building our website. We are also working on starting GSAPS chapters at our respective schools around the Bay, with The Wright Institute and CIIS already up and running, and Palo Alto University, Alliant, and others in the works. We hope to have all these groups set in motion by the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Upcoming events:
We have a number of really exciting events on the horizon for 2020, so keep an eye out for an email with a full schedule coming soon. In the mean time, we wanted to put the first one on your radars because it starts in just a few weeks!

8-Week “Psychedelic Coming Out” Process Group
Our first offering of 2020 will be an 8-week closed support group running from the end of January through March and focused on the theme of coming out as a psychedelic researcher/therapist within our personal and professional spheres. We will be sending an email out within the next few days to follow up with more details and how to sign up.

Finally, in the spirit of creating an open and transparent community, if anyone is interested in receiving notes from our brainstorming sessions or meetings, would like to propose ideas for events, or lead a workshop moving forward, please feel free to email us! We love hearing from you.

Looking forward to another year together!

With warmth, enthusiasm, and gratitude,
The Graduate Student Association for Psychedelic Studies (GSAPS)

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