GSAPS Second Annual Convergence: Call for Submissions


As you know, our GSAPS Second Annual Convergence is coming up next month. The second day of this weekend-long event will be an arena for grad students and recent grads to showcase work related to psychedelics… so we want to hear from you! 

This is a low-pressure, casual forum to share any part of psychedelic-related projects you may be working on at any stage of development (this includes artwork and creative projects, too!). The idea is grounded in forging connections around common interests and inspiring one another, so even a research topic you are considering for a dissertation that is still coming together would be something you could share here for some collaborative brainstorming! 

These sessions will be short (as short as 5 minutes long), and hey – you can even add it to your CV! We also extended our submission deadline from October 20th to November 7th, so you have a bit of extra time to think about it and pull something together.

If you interested in presenting, please email us and we will be in touch with you to discuss the details.

In the meantime, get your ticket for the weekend here:


The GSAPS Convergence Team

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