GSAPS Second Annual Convergence

The Convergence will be a two-day multidisciplinary event for graduate students and ‘graduate adjacent’ colleagues in the field of psychedelics!

We are pleased to announce our GSAPS Second Annual Convergence taking place virtually on Nov. 21st & Nov. 22nd, 2020. The Convergence will be a two-day multidisciplinary event featuring an unConference, a research conference and other opportunities for graduate students and grad-adjacent colleagues to showcase work related to psychedelics, as well as experiential and social components featuring movement, music, dancing, and opportunities for unstructured connecting time.

Amidst the chaos happening around us, we are hoping that this event will be a haven for creativity and connection between like-minded seekers and explorers.


11/21, 9am – 5pm: The unConference

11/21, 6pm-9pm: The Social Convergence w/ Live DJ

11/22, 9am – 5pm: The Research & Creative Work

Mark your calendars and register now!

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