GSAPS/MAPS Psychedelic Grad Student Virtual February Meetup

Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 6PM-7:30PM PT

Our monthly virtual meetup for members of both the GSAPS and MAPS Grad listservs continues in 2021!

Starting in February 2021, we will meet on the 1st Wednesday of every month @ 6PM-7:30PM PT.

Join other grad students from across the country as we discuss exciting topics related to psychedelics, share important news, and build community in these wild times. 

We will begin with a grounding exercise, check-ins, and then break into small group discussions (or stay in the big group if that’s the vibe!). Come and share about yourself and your interests and find like-minded people to build community and collaborate with!

Mark Your Calendars!

Starting in February, we will be meeting on the


Upcoming Schedule

Hosted by:

2/3, James and Katie

3/3, Alex and Kat

4/7, James and Katie

5/5, Alex and Kat

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