January Psychedelic Book Club

We hope everyone is having a wonderful new year. For those interested in participating in GSAPS monthly psychedelic book club, we are reaching out to share that the January meeting will be held on Thursday, January 20th, from 5pm-7pm Eastern Time, which is 2pm-4pm Pacific Time.

We will be reading selections of works pertaining to psychedelia and music, both a source for creativity and a tool for therapeutic healing. The reading also includes an assortment of songs referenced in the selected texts.

All of the selected media for this month’s meeting can be found on the page for “The Explorers of Perception: Psychedelic Book Club.” We hope to see some new participants and familiar faces. Thank you kindly and we hope to see y’all there!

You will need to login to your account in order to join the meeting, as it is being hosted via our internal Group Messaging video call system. Simply join The Explorers of Perception Group, click the Group Chat tab, and click the video icon to join the Psychedelic Book Club meeting when it begins!

Please send a direct message to Connor Storck or post a message to The Explorers of Perception: Psychedelic Book Club group with any questions you have about tomorrow’s meeting.

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